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Message from the Secretary

Academic excellence along with co-curricular and extra-curricular activities completes the process of education. As OEM celebrated the silver jubilee year in2019 am glad to know that school is progressing in all its endeavours towards the overall development and personality of students.

Life is a journey that begins from then birthdate and ends thereof on the death date. The proximity from birth till the grave is the precious time gifted to each and every individual. In this journey we accumulate knowledge by learning not only through books but also observing hearing and experience. For instance while traveling inour vehicle we enjoy as well as we learn through the scenic beauty. Similarly we acquire knowledge through different conversation that happens around us, thus learning through day to day experiences maybe termed as knowledge. This knowledge in my perspective moulds the personality of students. Central Travancore has produced efficient individuals who have contributed a lot towards the development of the society. But the greatest challenge today is that the face of education is totally changed. People hear, learn and propagate wrong things. The aimless educational policies the visionless authorities and the irresponsible teaching fraternity have compromised on value education. It is the mission educational institutions to bring about a change, a change that is inevitable. Education is not only about gaining subject knowledge rather it is a confidence to face any challenges building in the inner strength- to execute duties, attributes and responsibilities as an individual. Westrive to be an educational centre of excellence that outshines our mission. OEM Public School is in the 26th year of excellence, soaring high new beginning- preserving the values of education, imbibing the latest strengths in the educational field.

Sri.Raju George (N.M Raju)


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